Mechanical horse baffles South Gloucestershire

The appearance of a strange mechanical horse with wheels has left people in South Gloucestershire puzzled and afraid.

The sighting, which happened near the border with the Bristol, was initially attributed to witchcraft. But village elders have now laid the blame firmly at the door of the "Cycling City" project, once thought to be little more than a long-vanished folk memory.

Peasantry and gentry have responded with a mix of fear and curiosity.

Jedward Lump, a duck-chaser from Yate, said "I don't want no horsifying machine getting under the wheels of my Mondeo".

But others were less damning of the new-fangled mode of transport. "I'd quite like to give it a try, myself" said Ben Snoot, a farmer from Chipping Sodbury. "It does look awfully dangerous though."

"I think I'll stick to my current hobbies, which are shotguns and gin."