Bristol human female is on the tellybox

A human female from the Bristol area is believed to be doing well at a popular game show.

The woman, who possesses many female secondary sexual characteristics, is allegedly participating in "I'm a Nonentity Get Me Out of Here", a programme aimed at people who are the celebrity equivalent of the colour magnolia.

Bristol Groan journalists are perusing the tiny sidebar bits of Heat for news, which is so far thin on the ground, but we know that she successfully passed the Existing challenge, the Breathing Air challenge, and the particularly testing Having Two Eyes season finale.

There are also rumours that romance could be in the air, as reports come in that she has been seen in close proximity to a collection of vapours in the shape of a man. Or it could have been a glass sliding door.

The mystery static-gamete-producer is expected to return to Bristol soon, to commence a busy schedule of nightclub appearances.