EDITOR'S COMMENT: 20 mph will bring about the end of civilisation as we know it

With the dark cloud of 20 mph sweeping across Bristol, we at the Groan think it's time to talk about its more sinister side.

According to a study we briefly glanced at, driving at 20 mph burns more fuel. It sounds illogical, and even contrary to the laws of physics, but it's there in black and white.

And what happens when all the fuel is burned up, from people travelling more slowly? Or when people are priced out of car ownership from speeding fines, or losing their jobs because they're perpetually late for work?

The have-nots will rise up against the haves. Anarchy will reign. Marauding biker gangs will roam a desolate landscape (Try buying something at a garden centre without a car!) preying off the weak and the vulnerable. Some of them might even build something called a Thunderdome.

That's why we're telling mayor Ferguson: ignore the other research into 20 mph limits, and ignore the surveys which said most residents want them. The fate of our civilisation rests in your hands.